More Bookings: 5 Strategies for Vacation Rental Listing Optimization

More Bookings: 5 Strategies for Vacation Rental Listing Optimization

By 2023, there will be around 56 million vacation rental bookings in the U.S., which shows how popular self-catering accommodation is.

As a landlord, standing out from the competition is crucial for turning a profit and proving that you offer a premium-quality rental property. But if you aren't familiar with optimizing your listing, you could miss out on a killing. Maybe that's what brought you here; you want to increase your bookings and are searching for tips.

Sounds like you? Then look no further. Here are our top tips for vacation rental listing optimization.

1. Use the Right Keywords

Regardless of whether you have an Airbnb rental or it's posted on another site, using the right keywords is essential. This nifty trick helps you appear in a client's online search. For instance, if your vacation property is in Florida, try "short-term rental St. Augustine, Florida" so that your listing appears.

Although it initially seems overwhelming, reach out to a local property management service or use Google Keyword Planner to find the most popular ones.

2. Invest in Professional Photos

With so many listings posted online every day, you only have seconds to make a winning first impression. A great tip is to hire a professional photographer for your listing photos because they know the best angles, lighting tricks, and how to tweak images in the editing stage. Ideally, property owners should post around 20 images per property, including both interior and exterior shots.

Aside from posting great photos, optimize each one to boost your listing. For instance, sprinkle keywords in the image's description (otherwise known as "alt text") and keep your images below 100KB.

3. Write Detailed Listing Descriptions

An underrated element of vacation rental marketing is the property's descriptions, so craft a memorable account of your property and how it feels to stay there. Make sure you include the list of your main amenities, as it'll sway guests to click "book".

4. Leverage Guest Reviews

A staggering 95% of travelers read guest reviews before choosing accommodation, which shows how powerful social proof has. Featuring several reviews will build trust and prove that your vacation rental property will meet the traveler's expectations. To compile a collection of reviews, ask guests to leave online reviews or even leave a book where visitors can include them.

5. Share the Listing on Social Media

Every reputable vacation property management service understands the importance of cross-platform marketing. This means advertising your listing on both the company's website and both of your social media pages. Upload a variety of images and videos, so that guests get a feel for your property and arrange a stay.

Our Vacation Rental Listing Optimization Tips

Now you're an expert on vacation rental listing optimization, it's time to get cracking.

Property owners should use popular keywords and professional photos to stand out from the crowd. You should also include detailed descriptions and share the listing on social media to further your reach. Good luck!

If you own a vacation property in St. Augustine, Florida, we'd love to help. Contact PMI Palm Valley to learn more about our services.